Preparticipation Evaluation (PPE)

The Preparticipation Evaluation, or PPE, is more commonly known as the sports physical.

Why is the PPE important?

The purpose of the PPE is to maintain the health and safety of the athlete in training and competition by:

  • identifying medical and/or orthopedic problems that may place the athlete at risk for injury or illness;
  • identifying correctable problems that may impair the athlete’s ability to perform;
  • assessing fitness level for specific sports;
  • and educating athletes and parents concerning sports, exercise, injuries and other health-related issues.

Where can my athlete have a PPE done?

  • primary care physician’s office
  • sports medicine physician’s office*
  • group events** (multiple station format with several health care providers each focusing on their area of expertise)

Will the athlete be cleared to play his/her sport?

Overall, most athletes are cleared to participate in their sport. According to some studies, less than 2% of athletes are denied clearance. A few more athletes, about 13%, require further evaluation, and most often that is for physical therapy, nutritional counseling or referral for previously unknown high blood pressure (hypertension).

Although the PPE may identify health problems or needs not associated with exercise, it should NOT be used to replace ongoing medical care or routine check-ups with primary care physicians.

To learn more, click here to access PPE information from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

*PPEs now offered at El Dorado Hills Sports Medicine. Call 916-293-8035 or email for appointment information.

**PPEs for 2017-2018 EDH Oak Ridge High School athletes will be offered at the Sports Physical Night on Tuesday, 5/9/17 at El Dorado Physical Therapy. Click here for more information and to print your athlete’s form ahead of time.