The Benefits of Running with Friends

Have you ever noticed that you work harder at the gym when other people are around? That you run faster when there are spectators? This effect is known as social facilitation, or the audience effect, a phenomenon where people tend to perform better when in the presence of others than alone.

In addition to improved performance, there are several other benefits to be had when running with friends!

Run with friends because…

You will run faster. Either because your friends are setting a brisk pace, or you are enjoying yourself so much it seems easy to run faster.

Friends give you motivation and encouragement. If you were alone, that hill in mile 12 of the half marathon could have been the end of your PR dream; those cramping muscles could have kept you from finishing. Your friends will help you get through it!

Friends provide accountability. Never underestimate the power of accountability in achieving any goal, like your 5am hill repeat workout!

It is safer to run with a partner or group. Be smart about your route and clothing choices, too. Stick to well-lit paths and wear visible/reflective clothing.

Running with a group is fun! And it’s a great way to make and build friendships.

Run with Team EDHSM!

I personally invite you to join Team EDHSM for the Folsom Christmas Classic next Saturday, December 17, 2016! This event is a local family-friendly 5K, 10K and Santa Run for kids the benefits Keaton Raphael Memorial, a group dedicated to supporting families of children with cancer and funding research for a cure. Whether you prefer to walk, run or some combination of the two, come with us to have a great time with friends, celebrate the holidays season and support a terrific cause. To register with Team EDHSM, download and print the registration form, fill it out and deliver the form and your check to “Folsom Christmas Classic” to El Dorado Hills Sports Medicine or Dr. Preiss-Farzanegan by Friday, December 9th at 9am. For event details check the Team EDHSM page on our website.

Together, we can go out and have a great time, get some exercise and support Keaton Raphael Memorial. Join Team EDHSM today!


Dr. Preiss-Farzanegan


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