I was experiencing a lot of pain in my hip while running and it would continue even after running. It was getting worse and impacting my performance. In my case, I should not have avoided scheduling an initial appointment with Dr. Sarah for so long. I suspected I was making my injury worse but simply didn’t want to take the time off with a marathon race looming on the horizon. I got lucky and was able to get through my big race (albeit quite uncomfortably) but I could have benefited from learning strengthening techniques which likely would have avoided more pain and resulted in better performance and quicker recover. Next time I’ll come in sooner.

Dr. Sarah was very thorough in her examination and also in her questions about my activities and both my recreational and competition goals. She asked a lot of detailed questions about my training methods, also looking at whether I’d done any other strength training or cross training.

Dr. Sarah has been very involved in the diagnosis, the ongoing recovery and progress and in my overall training goals and progressions. She has interacted directly with my physical therapist (after she prescribed PT and recommended me to an excellent physical therapist). And since she’s local and involved in local events, I’ve seen her at several local running races where we connect and she asks more detailed questions about my progress and she continues to cheer me on. We compare notes on various training programs and core strengthening exercises.  It’s certainly beneficial having a sports doc who is active in this same sport and community, and understands my goals (and likely common to other runners, my stubbornness to take any pause in training even if I think I’m experiencing some kind of injury). She understands my desire to get back to training (and competitiveness towards my goals) as quickly as possible.

Yes, I would recommend Dr. Sarah and I have done so. I’m impressed with her knowledge of sports medicine and her ability to diagnose and recommend recovery and strengthening techniques to overcome and avoid the same problem going forward. I appreciate that she’s particularly involved in the running community and stays current on training programs and the local races. And it’s great to have a sports doc who I know is cheering me on, rooting for me to recover, get back out to working out and sharing in my improvement goals.

-David H., runner, bound for Boston 2018

My main concern before I saw Dr. Sarah was loss of mobility. Having led a fairly active life, an injury diagnosed by another physician never quite healed nor was I satisfied with the diagnosis and treatment.  After over a year of trying different recommendations and solutions with no improvement, I went to Dr. Sarah. Dr. Sarah provided a thorough examination that established new root causes of my immobility. She quickly provided recommendations that got me moving again. I was so impressed by her thoroughness and attention to detail as well as her explanations and knowledge. Dr. Sarah has many resources available that helped with my final diagnosis and treatment. She has a genuine concern for a patient’s improvement and resolution of problems, and her entire approach to sports injuries and body mechanics are beyond compare. Dr. Sarah is extremely professional and she is very detail oriented. I would highly recommend Dr. Sarah because of the success I experienced.

I love supporting El Dorado Hills businesses, especially small businesses like hers. It is always easy to get an appointment, I never feel rushed and I feel like we have covered all of my concerns. It's rare to find a physician like her, she's a true gem.

-Beth K, recreational runner

My name is Victoria Ferrero and I am a sophomore at Oak Ridge High School, playing JV basketball. I initially made an appointment with Dr. Sarah concerning pain in my shoulder when I slept every night and lay down. I did not know what was causing the pain, but after my first appointment with Dr. Sarah, she ruled out what could be causing the pain and gave me a few reasons for why it could be hurting. She also referred me to physical therapy where I spent a couple of months building up the strength in my shoulder to stop the pain. After the tips and exercises that Dr. Sarah gave me, and her referral to physical therapy, I rarely ever experience pain in my shoulder.

Having Dr. Sarah as my sports medicine doctor has not only helped me with my shoulder, but she is very easy to make appointments with and has helped me with other injuries that I have experienced over the years. For example, she reviewed my scoliosis x-ray and has given me advice for my sprained ankle and how to strengthen important muscles for basketball.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Sarah based on how greatly she has helped me and my family with a range of our injuries throughout the years and her bedside manners that have made it easy to make appointments and address my injuries. Dr. Sarah is by far the best sports medicine doctor in this area!

-Victoria F., basketball player

My fourteen-year-old daughter, Grace, who loves playing soccer, swimming and other physical activities, was having issues with her left knee. She had experienced a painful dislocation of the kneecap on two occasions before being referred to an orthopedic specialist by her pediatrician. The orthopedic surgeon recommended surgery to correct the problem which was severely limiting her ability to play sports or participate in most any physical activity. After learning the diagnosis, we decided to consult with Dr. Preiss-Farzanegan to review the surgeon's recommendations and ask for her opinion as a sports medicine specialist.
We found the experience of working with Dr. Sarah extremely helpful. During our consultation, she took the time to review in detail the mechanics of the knee and was able to explain the issue in a very clear and personable way. She helped us understand our options and, through our consultation with her, we are confident in the recommendation to proceed with the surgery. Our daughter loved that Dr. Sarah engaged her as a patient and didn't treat her as if she "was a kid who wouldn't understand anything." Dr. Sarah did a fantastic job of providing the information in a way that was accessible to our daughter (and her parents!). Dr. Sarah also assisted us in validating the credentials of the surgeon we are working with, providing us with reassurance that we are in good hands with the surgeon.
After the surgery, we look forward to continuing to work with Dr. Sarah to help Grace through the rehabilitation process and getting her back into her activities!
Tammy Cronin, soccer player and mom,