My fourteen-year-old daughter, Grace, who loves playing soccer, swimming and other physical activities, was having issues with her left knee. She had experienced a painful dislocation of the kneecap on two occasions before being referred to an orthopedic specialist by her pediatrician. The orthopedic surgeon recommended surgery to correct the problem which was severely limiting her ability to play sports or participate in most any physical activity. After learning the diagnosis, we decided to consult with Dr. Preiss-Farzanegan to review the surgeon's recommendations and ask for her opinion as a sports medicine specialist.
We found the experience of working with Dr. Sarah extremely helpful. During our consultation, she took the time to review in detail the mechanics of the knee and was able to explain the issue in a very clear and personable way. She helped us understand our options and, through our consultation with her, we are confident in the recommendation to proceed with the surgery. Our daughter loved that Dr. Sarah engaged her as a patient and didn't treat her as if she "was a kid who wouldn't understand anything." Dr. Sarah did a fantastic job of providing the information in a way that was accessible to our daughter (and her parents!). Dr. Sarah also assisted us in validating the credentials of the surgeon we are working with, providing us with reassurance that we are in good hands with the surgeon.
After the surgery, we look forward to continuing to work with Dr. Sarah to help Grace through the rehabilitation process and getting her back into her activities!
Tammy Cronin, soccer player and mom,

Sarah is not only our neighbor but has been a great doctor for our family. When my daughter completely tore her ACL, her orthopedic doctor misdiagnosed it and suggested physical therapy. We knew something was wrong when her knee kept giving out completely.

Even though she wasn't our doctor yet, Sarah took the time to review her MRI and associated report and provided us with the right diagnosis. She even took the time to sit down with our daughter and help deliver the not so great news in a manner that was thoughtful and age-appropriate.

Since then, my husband has been to see Sarah with great results on his hamstring.

Sarah is a terrific doctor with exceptional bedside manner!

Rita Ferrero, entrepreneur and outdoor enthusiast,

I have known Sarah for many years – we play on the same soccer teams together (or should I say “did”). I recently injured my foot in a soccer game. Luckily for me, Sarah was there.  She heard a pretty loud pop and ran over to help. Of course I was panicking, but her calm demeanor instantly calmed me down. She did a quick evaluation off the field and suggested that I keep off of it for the rest of the game. Sarah then provided me with a full evaluation first thing the following morning and diagnosed it as ligament injury in the tarsal – metatarsal ligaments. She ordered an X-ray and the findings confirmed her diagnosis. She referred me to an orthopedic surgeon because she felt I may need surgery. I was pretty upset because I knew this meant a long recovery –but she was there for me and provided me with the support I needed to get through it. She checked in on me throughout the process and continues to check in post - surgery. What I value the most in a doctor is that they care about their patients and go above and beyond to make sure you are taken care of. Sarah's patience and professionalism in dealing with patients is a gift!

Shelly Pippin, soccer player,

Thanks to Dr. Sarah Preiss-Farzanegan my injury was diagnosed quickly and correctly. While playing in a soccer game I felt my knee pop and instantly give out. I was very fortunate Sarah happened to be playing and advised me not to go back in until she was able to asses my knee. Following her assessment Sarah suspected I may have torn or damaged my knee and advised I follow up with my Primary Care Provider. When I went to my Provider’s office I was told that since I could walk and was in no pain I did not seriously damage my knee and could return to playing soccer. After telling Sarah this, she immediately went above and beyond to get me an appointment with a fellow sports medicine specialist, as her office had not opened yet. In the end, it was discovered that I had completely torn my ACL. I am so thankful for Sarah's thorough assessment of my knee and her drive to advocate for me. Without her, I would not have received the care I needed for my injury, which could have lead to long term consequences. Throughout my recovery Sarah has continued to check in and make sure everything is going well. If I am ever in a situation similar to this, Sarah would absolutely be the first person I would want to see. She is someone I would refer my closest friends and family to, as I know how passionate she is for her job and how much she truly cares for every patient as an individual.

Shelly Miller, RN and soccer player